Department Profile

Department Profile

The Department of Accounting and Finance was created by the merging of two Departments: a) the Department of Accounting and b) the Department of Finance and Auditing located at the Preveza Branch of the former T.E.I. of Epirus, according to the P.D. 84, Government Gazette 124 / 03-06-2013.  

The main aim of the Department is to promote knowledge and research in the disciplines of Accounting and Finance.  

The new curriculum of the Department is adapted to the Greek reality, providing knowledge and skills related to the management and operation of Accounting and Financial Services of companies and organizations, in both the private and public sectors, in order to meet the needs of the labor market in the fields of Accounting and Finance. 

Educational Goals

The educational goals of the department curriculum are focused on helping students toacquire skills and competencies, so that the graduates of the Department of Accounting and Finance are able to: 

  • Keep accounting books and records in accordance with the single-entry and double-entry bookkeeping system. 
  • Apply the Greek General Chart of Accounts, the Sectoral Accounting Plans, as well as the International Accounting Standards 
  • Prepare and analyze financial statements 
  • Prepare budgets for companies and organizations and be able to analyze them on the basis of standard costs  
  • Apply costing principles and methods 
  • Prepare financial studies and provide financial advice  
  • Implement internal and external audit procedures 
  • Carry out detailed cost-accounting and extract data based on market research and the promotion of goods and services of companies and organizations. 
  • Have ample knowledge of modern software applications in Accounting and Finance. 
Career Prospects

Upon completion of their studies, the graduates of the Department of Accounting and Finance have the necessary scientific and technological knowledge and skills to work in various areas of specialization and find employment either as Accounting officers, Financial Analysts or Consultants in companies, organizations and services in the private or public sectors, or even as self-employed.  

More specifically, any graduate from the Department of Accounting and Finance can practice the following professional activities: 

  • Accountant – Tax-Accountant according to the current legislation  
  • Financial and Stock consultant and analyst 
  • Internal Auditor in companies and organizations in accordance with applicable law  
  • Banking and Insurance executive 
  • Teacher at all levels of Education, in accordance with current legislation