Library and Information Center

Library at Preveza 

The Library located in Preveza started its operation in 2001 and until 2018 functioned as a branch of the Central Library of the former TEI of Epirus. Since 2009, it is housed in an area of 175 m2 in the new facilities of the University Campus at Psathaki, Preveza.  

It has 15 reading slots for its users and 8 PC slots as well as a photocopier which works with a magnetic card. 

The library collection focuses on the curriculum of the Department of Accounting & Finance and consists of 13,750 volumes of books, 62 titles of magazines (48 Greek and 14 foreign languages, some of which have websites while others have been indexed by the library staff), information material (e.g. dictionaries), audiovisual material (e.g. CD ROM), financial journals, Bank brochures, academic papers, dissertations and postgraduate theses (in printed and electronic form through the Institutional Repository of the former TEI of Epirus and the Academic Repository Olympias). 

The main purpose of the library is to support the academic objectives of the Department of Accounting & Finance and in particular study and research at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.  



The Library services include lending materials and interlibrary loan, photocopying, wireless network access, reading room, book distribution, education and bibliographic support. Electronic access catalog to the collection of the Central Library and its annexes, academic and research repository of digital material, access to over 10,000 electronic journals and databases through the Hellenic Academic Libraries Consortium (HEALlink), such as Scopus database. 


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