The Secretariat of the Department deals with the issues of studies and care of students, as well as with the issues of communication with the other administrative services of the University of Ioannina. The Secretariat of each Department is responsible for all matters relating to the conduct of correspondence, the registering of incoming and outgoing documents and keeping a record of the Department, the keeping of minutes of the Department’s collective bodies meetings, the execution of their decisions and the provision of legal support to the administrative bodies of the Department, the preparation and maintenance of the student’s registers and individual files, the monitoring of their student status, (registration of grades, etc.), the granting of various types of certificates to students, swearing-in ceremonies, scholarships, student IDs, etc. and generally the administrative and secretarial support of the Department. 

Department Deputy Secretary: 

Paschou Dimitra (tel. 00302682050550) 

Secretarial staff:

Vlachou Dimitra (tel. 2682050550) 

Leloviti Christina (2682050621) 

Opening hours:

Daily 11:00-13:00 


003026820 50620