Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Program entitled "Business and Organization Management"

The Postgraduate Program awards a Postgraduate Diploma (Δ.Μ.Σ.) in Business and Organization Management (Government Gazette 4457/issue B/9-10-2020) without having any individual specializations.

The objective of the Program is the production and transmission of specialized knowledge, methodologies and know-how in the fields of Management, Accounting and Finance. In particular, the Program aims at the promotion of knowledge and the development of research in economics and management science, enabling its graduates to meet the needs of the labour market by developing appropriate competences and skills related to the organization and operation of the administrative, accounting and financial services of enterprises and organizations of the private and public sector.

During the program, postgraduate students are required to attend ten (10) courses and prepare a dissertation. Each course is equivalent to 6 CREDITS (ECTS). For the acquisition of the postgraduate diploma a total of ninety (90) credits are required, of which 60 credits result from the attendance and successful examination in the 10 courses and the remaining 30 credits result from the completion of the dissertation. The duration for the completion of the Program and the award of the Postgraduate Diploma is set at three (3) semesters of study. The first (A) and second (B) semesters include the teaching (lectures, laboratory exercises, and examinations) of specialized subjects. The third (third) semester includes the completion of a postgraduate diploma thesis.

Writing the dissertation is a challenge as it gives students the opportunity to document and expand their knowledge through the research they will conduct by thoroughly studying a topic of interest.

Applications are submitted exclusively electronically, through the corresponding link on the Website of the Postgraduate Program (Online Application), on dates determined by the Department’s Assembly. The following supporting documents are submitted:

  • Curriculum vitae Copy of the degree (recognition by DOATAP is required for holders of qualifications from foreign HEIs)
  • Certificate of Transcript of Grades
  • Proof of professional experience in a related subject to the subject of the Postgraduate diploma after the acquisition of the first degree
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members and /or employers
  • Proof of good knowledge of a foreign language beyond the language of the Postgraduate diploma
  • Scientific work (publications in scientific journals / conference proceedings, announcements in scientific conferences)

The selection of the students is made by the Assembly of the Department after a suggestion of the Coordinating Committee (S.E.) of the Postgraduate diploma. The Committee, in order to formulate its proposal to the Assembly of the Department, invites the candidate students for an interview.


According to article 31 of Law 4485/2017, the competent administrative and operational bodies of the Postgraduate Program are:

  • The Assembly of the Department,
  • The Coordinating Committee of the Postgraduate Program
  • The Director of the Postgraduate Program


Director & Coordinating Committee of the Postgraduate Program

  • Ioannis Ganas, Professor (Director of the Postgraduate Program)
  • Konstantinos Karamanis, Assoc. Professor (Associate Director of the Postgraduate Program)
  • Ioannis Sotiropoulos, Professor
  • Aikaterini Galanou, Assistant Professor
  • Nikolaos Arnis, Lecturer



Address: University of Ioannina, Department of Accounting and Finance, University Campus of Preveza, Psathaki, 481 00 Preveza

Office: Secretariat of the Department of Accounting and Finance – Ground Floor

Secretariat: Leloviti Christina

Phone: +3026820 50621, 26820 50550

Fax: +3026820 50620, 26820 50631


For more information, please, see the webpage of the Program at (