Qualifying Exams

Qualifying examinations, (Government Gazette 3185/16-12-2013, Government Gazette 4485/2017)

The applications of graduates of other departments are submitted to the Reception Department from 1 to 15 November of each academic year and the examinations are conducted from 1 to 20 December of the same year. Interested parties submit the following supporting documents to the department’s secretariat from 1 to 15 November:

  • Application by the interested party.
  • Copy of the degree or certificate of completion of studies.
  • In case the degree grade is not indicated numerically, the candidate must also submit a certificate detailing the grades of the courses required for the export of the degree.
  • In the field of graduates abroad, a certificate of equivalence of their degree is also submitted by the Interdisciplinary Organization for the Recognition of Academic Titles and Information (DOTAP) or by the body responsible for the recognition of the degree.
  • Copy of the identity card. According to 48/30-06-2021 Department’s assembly the classification of graduates will be done with examinations in three (3) courses which are:
  • Microeconomics
  • Mathematics for Economists
  • Management of Enterprises