Undergraduate Thesis

Undergraduate Thesis

The undergraduate dissertation aims to complete the abilities and skills of students and to certify their maturity to deal with complex applications of greater complexity and duration. Particularly sought is the development of skills of evaluation and utilization of bibliographic and other sources, given to the student by the supervising professor or located by himself/herself, and their appropriate application in order to achieve the intended purpose. The undertaking of the dissertation is done according to the following instructions and rules:

Conditions for securing a Thesis topic (Valid from the Spring Semester 2016-2017 and in accordance with No. 14 / 9-11-2016 Department Assembly).

The student has the opportunity to submit a Thesis topic if she/he meets the following conditions:

  • has passed the course “GRADUATE SEMINAR”.
  • has completed one hundred and eighty (180) Credits. In the total of 180 ECTS including the ECTS of the course GRADUATE SEMINAR.
  • has completed the 7th semester of studies.

Basic Guidelines / Bank of Thesis Topics – Assignment of Thesis

The development of the bank of topics starts from the Courses Sectors, which determine the directions on the basis of which the thesis of each semester will move, taking into account the general developments of Economy and Management both in the region of the Institution and in the rest of the country,  as well as at European and international level.

At the beginning of each semester, the academic staff of the Department (of all levels) propose to the Department’s Assembly various thesis topics, with the aim of creating a bank of subjects related to the cognitive field of the Department.

The available topics are announced by the Secretariat of the Department, after their acceptance by the Department’s Assembly. After the announcement of the topics, the students communicate with the professors and after consultation the selection and assignment of a topic is made.

Each student must submit an application to the department’s secretariat for the approval of the subject of his/her thesis. A common thesis topic may be assigned to a group of a maximum of three (3) students with simultaneous distribution of work to each student. The assignment of a thesis to students is made by decision of the Department’s Assembly. Upon completion of the assignment process, a table (database) of dissertations is created, where the data of the supervising professor and the students who undertake the preparation of the thesis are recorded.

Thesis Supervision

The supervisor guides the students in the search for the best solution, and takes care of the provision of the necessary facilities in premises and equipment. Supervision of the thesis can be assigned to regular faculty members or temporary teaching staff of another Department following a joint decision of the assemblies of the two Departments.

Thesis preparation

For writing their dissertation students can use, if necessary, the premises and the equipment as well as any necessary financial means of the Department. Thesis can also be carried out outside the Department in organizations, institutions, services, private companies, etc. following a decision of the meeting of the Department. The conditions for the assignment of dissertations and each relevant issue are determined by a decision of the respective Department. The dissertation must be completed within one (1) semester. It is allowed to extend the duration of its elaboration after a documented request of the student to the secretariat of the Department, and approval of the supervisor and the Department’s Assembly.

Presentation – Defense of Thesis

The supervising professor appoints a three-member Examination Committee and an examination date within the course time of at least ten (10) working days from the appointment of the Examination Committee, during which the dissertation is presented. The examination committee consists of the supervisor and two more members of the teaching staff of the Department related to the subject of the work.

The evaluation of the work is oral and lasts half an hour. The members of the Committee attend the student’s presentation and submit clarifying questions in order to form an opinion on the correctness and completeness of the solution given to the problem and on the degree of participation of each of the participants (if more than one student is involved) in the elaboration of the project/undergraduate thesis. The presentation of the thesis can be attended by all members of the Department and for this purpose a relevant announcement is issued.

The student’s grade is the average of the grades proposed by each of the members of the examination committee on the basis of their evaluation. The minutes of the marks are submitted by the supervisor to the Department by means of a document signed by the committee members. If a thesis is considered incomplete by the Examining Committee, it will have to be further elaborated by the student, in which case the process of submission and presentation is repeated.